How to Become a Travel Agent in Australia - Which Travel Course / Travel Agent Course should you do?

Although there are no legal requirements and qualifications which you need to work as a travel agent in Australia, breaking into the travel industry requires a few key elements. Firstly, some employers require you to hold your Certificate III in Tourism (Retail Travel Sales) which is the nationally accredited tourism / travel course. Within your Certificate 3, you'll not only learn how to construct airfares and process travel documents properly, you'll also learn how to use essential CRS (Computer Reservation Systems) such as Galileo, Amadeus or Sabre. While some employers do not require you to hold your Certificate III in Tourism (Retail Travel Sales), most will require you to have an absolute minimum of 6-12 months experience as a travel consultant and most actually specify 2 years experience required. For this reason, the Certificate III in Tourism (Retail Travel Sales) can really help you because as part of the Cert III, you are required to do a 'work placement' to gain real-life practical work experience in a real travel agency such as Flight Centre. This 'work placement' involves you finding a travel agency nearby and doing voluntary work for them to satisfy certain modules of your course. This 'work placement' part of an accredited tourism course is in itself, a reason to study the course because when you do your work placement at your local travel agency, you are essentially getting your foot in the door and as long as you make a good impression while doing your work placement, you may have a good chance of going back to that travel agency when you are ready, and applying for your first job. The 'work placement' also gives you an insight into the day-to-day functions and environment that you will be working in once you become a travel agent and it enables you to get a feeling for the industry you are going to be working in, making sure it's suitable for you.

One final point to mention about becoming a travel agent in Australia is travel experience. Employers will almost always demand that you have a reasonable amount of travel knowledge / travel experience under your belt. If you have travelled within Australia, that is fine - you can simply work in the domestic travel sector. If however, you would like to work within the international travel sector, it will usually be a requirement that you have travelled overseas and are able to display at least some first-hand knowledge of a few countries / overseas destinations. If you haven't done your share of travelling yet, don't worry, you can begin studying your Certificate III and organise an overseas trip as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can begin working in the domestic sector if you've travelled around Australia a bit, and then when you get the chance to travel overseas, you can move into the interational travel sector.

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